After importing .mxl, some menu text interprets font size 9 (default) as something extremely tiny

• Nov 1, 2019 - 15:04
  1. Open MuseScore 3.2
  2. Update to 3.3
  3. Import .mxl file created in Sibelius ('Edit > Preferences > General > Theme > Font size' is set to 9 at this point)
  4. Clicke 'Edit' menu, first image is what I see.
  5. Change 'Font size' to 10, second image is what I see.
  6. Change 'Font size' to 8, third image is what I see.
  7. Reboot MuseScore with 'Font size' still set to 8, import same file again
  8. Set 'Font size' to 9, issue fixed (image 4)

But rebooting MS and starting again from step 3 gives the problem again.
All menus from the top bar are like this, except that all options are small in the other menus. 'Cut' and 'Copy' seem to vary in size. The dropdowns from the toolbar (page/continuous view, basic/advanced) are all tiny as well.

This doesn't happen for at least one other .mxl file I tried, that one was from MuseScore. The .xml I got this problem with isn't mine, so I'd need to check with the creator if it's okay to post it here.

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Wow, it's hard for me to imagine how importing any file could ever modify MuseScore's menu fonts. but in order to investigate, we'd need you to attach the file.

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Alright, I've gotten permission to post the file so here it is. I don't own Sibelius, so I haven't been able to check whether it happens for other XMLs from there. Let me know if you need anything else.

Edit: the size change later happened again randomly while editing the score, by the way. So rebooting is only a temporary fix.

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It imports normally for me (as I'd expect), so I suspect the problem you are having is not related to the file itself but something else going on with your system. Can you provide more system details - what OS, anything unusual about your display configuration, etc. Also, do you have any extensions loaded, like MDL?

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That makes sense, it also doesn't happen on my desktop. The laptop I do get this problem with is an ex-lease (but formatted, I hope) Dell Latitude E7450.
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Generic PnP Monitor on Intel HD Graphics 5500 (current res: 1536x864)

It's pretty new, so I don't really much weird technical stuff going on on it - then again, I'm not sure what you're looking for. I don't need to have anything but MuseScore running to reproduce the bug.

In the meantime, I tried a few other things:
- Redownloading the file here and importing it gives the same problem.
- Importing other .mxl files from the same system running Sibelius does not give the problem.

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