Trying to load an SFZ for the first time and I'm missing something...

• Oct 30, 2019 - 21:36

So, I'm trying to install the Salamander Grand Piano 48kHz, 24 bit, etc. SFZ file. This is my first time working with an SFZ. I download the thing, extract it (twice...) so I can get to the actual SFZ and WAVs. I have them all in my Documents --> ... --> Soundfonts folder for Musescore. But when I go to the Zerberus tab in the Synthesizer, it doesn't appear when I click add. I just deleted the whole thing and am starting over, but any advice on what I might be doing wrong here? I've looked in the manual, but I seemed to be doing everything right.
EDIT: Almost forgot to mention: everything Musescore-related (and I do mean everything) is backed up on OneDrive. When I install the soundfont, I don't have enough room to sync everything. Could that be causing the problem?
EDIT AGAIN: Well, I tried it again. My OneDrive does not say it's full this time, but the SFZ still isn't showing up in the Synthesizer.
EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: Fixed it. It had something to do with OneDrive, but I'm not entirely sure what. I made sure everything was solely on my PC, not on OneDrive (I think...?) Either way, problem solved for now.

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