Volta Repeats

• Oct 30, 2019 - 00:29

Hi Everyone.

Okay. I know this has probably been addressed, but I couldn't find a straightforward solution. I don't have a specific composition, but have uploaded a template of the measures in question.

The goal: I want the measures from bar 2 through bar 7, with both voltas, to repeat twice and then continue on to the rest of the composition in bar 8.

The problem: The measures repeat as indicated:
bar 2 through bar 6 (first volta),
bar 2 through bar 7 (second volta),
then bar 2 through bar 3 repeat and skip to bar 8.

In other words, the first volta plays from bar 2, the second volta plays from bar 2, but then the sequence repeats bars 2 and 3 and skips to bar 8. The second time around the 1st and 2nd voltas are not recognized.

I tried both adjusting the play count for the voltas and the volta properties as well. No doubt there is any easy fix which I can't seem to find. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, as always.


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That sounds correct - you didn't say you wanted that first volta played the third time, so it isn't. You need to add "3" to the repeat list - and the text for humans, or they'll do the same as MuseScore did.

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