Can't disable score download on website

• Oct 28, 2019 - 13:54

i click disable score download before i upload it, but then the download button shows. i check it when i'm logged out because i know when you're logged in it will always show. It only just started happening.


There's no such thing here on
And there is no such thing in the 'Save Online' dialog withing the MuseScore program either.
So you'd better report that on m

But of course for you as the owner and being logged in as such, download of a score uploaded by you to will allow download.

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I shared my knowledge above...
And I don't see and recent score from you on, so can't tell whether I could download it.

There is no way to disable download prior to uploading a score (unless you're maybe using a 3.3 Beta1, Beta2 or RC1 (or some development buid)), this has to be done after the upload, using the ... menu "Update score"

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