Instrument Doubling in Big Band Scores

• Oct 24, 2019 - 18:25

I'm writing a piece for jazz band and the Alto saxes double flute and the Baritone Sax doubles bass clarinet. I am aware that musescore has a 'Change Instrument' feature that alters playback. However I can't manage to get the transposition/key signatures to fix. eg. When changing from flute to alto sax, the key signature isn't updated, and when I try to fix the key signatures it updates the key signature for the entire staff.

Are there any workarounds to this? I have heard that making multiple staves and hiding empty staves, but it would be such a hassle and it would remove all the other empty staves in the score.

Any help is appreciated, and if there isn't a good way to do this, it should definitely be considered to be a new feature/update.


Key signature changes currently must be added manually for mid-stave instrument changes (which is a good thing IMO because I don't always want an automatic key sig. change). To add a key sig.only to the stave in question (as opposed to the whole system) you just need to Ctrl+drag the key signature from the palette onto that stave.

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