Where is "Articulation and Ornament Properties?" (Baroque/Default)

• Oct 24, 2019 - 02:32

The location of "articulation and ornament properties" seems to have changed. From the online Handbook: "These can be edited from the Articulation section of the Inspector." It doesn't work for me as there is no such section in the Inspector, whether or not an ornament is selected. Nor is it found under "Format...Style...Layout and Formatting," as there is no such section in the dropdown menu under Format/Style. I think I changed to Baroque style in an earlier version of MS3, and wanted to revert to "Default." My problem showed up when an appoggiatura before a whole note played as half the duration of the whole note.


An appoggiatura is neither an articulation, nor an ornament. It doesn't have that property.

Note that appoggiatura's are meant to take up quite a big amount of duration of the main note. You might be looking for an acciaccatura instead (with the slash through the stem).

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Sorry, jeetee, I was just looking for a place in the handbook (Documentation, the subject here) directing me to this control. I think the handbook should be amended to show this more clearly.

You are partially correct about the nature of appogiaturas: BAROQUE appoggiaturas ("leaning") traditionally take half the note value of the succeeding note. I don't think this is generally true for later periods. I had set the style to baroque but could not find, using the handbook, the place to undo the change.

And thanks for pointing out the acciaccatura: I used that, and it did exactly what I was hoping for.

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Not sure what you're missing on the handbook page.
When I select an articulation or an ornament in my score in 3.2.3, the final section of the inspector is (as written in the handbook) the Articulation section, which does contain the setting you're looking for.

If that's not the case for you, then please attach a score and/or screenshot showing the problem and mention which MuseScore version you're using.

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Thanks, I think I get it now. Appoggiaturas are not considered ornaments under MS categorization (I think they are "ornaments" but that's not MS's rule), and the Articulation section with the baroque option appears in the inspector ONLY when an item it considers to be an ornament is selected. For trills, baroque style makes the trill begin on the note above the trilled note, as it should.

There is no "Format/Style/Layout and formatting" menu as described on the Handbook page (see attachment). But there is a "Format/Style/Articulations, Ornaments" menu. In this menu, the only parameters that can be adjusted globally are the size and placements of the symbols; no "baroque" option. I would recommend improving the line beginning "Global settings...." to point to "Format/Style/Articulations,Ornaments" instead, and possibly reminding us (well, me) that the category "ornaments" does not include the grace notes.

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I see. Apologies, I only was concerned with the inspector part of that page.

The text for that link is automatically generated based on the page title it links into; which made the menu path indeed faulty. I've slightly changed the wording in hopes of clarifying what is being linked to is a different set of properties at a different location.

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FWIW, the pre-release versions of 3.3 (both the "release candidates" and the earlier betas) can be used alongside 3.2.3. So you can install a pre-release to test and give feedback while still using the official release for "real" world. We really depend on users going the extra mile to help test these pre-releases to make sure the final releases are as bug-free as possible.

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