"Strings" Playback bug

• Oct 23, 2019 - 04:39

I need help with a problem I encountered. I'm pretty much done with the score and I'm ready to upload it. Unfortunately, I don't want to do that because of the playback for the "strings" section. Around the 5th or 6th measure, it starts playing random notes that are not a part of the score over and over again every two measures. This didn't start happening until I was pretty much done with it. Probably my last save? I've tried deleting the strings section but it still kept playing. I've even bothered to make a completely new score from scratch and copy and paste the notes to the new score and it still plays the same thing. The only time this will not happen is if I add some different SoundFont. I have the file here it anybody wants to hear for themselves.

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Woah! You're right! That makes a lot of sense now. Now I'm wondering why it does that when opening the score. I looked at the mixer and the patch for the congas isn't "Strings," it's "Standard" which is what it should be but it still plays "Strings" anyway. Maybe something happened the last time I saved it? Anyway, I just manually put in "Standard" and everything seems to be normal now. Thank you very much. That was weird.

This happens on all my scores.
I made a 10 measure test, assigning Flute and Bassoon. I pressed the note A on my midi keyboard and all this random stuff began. I watched as the 10 measures were passed and more measures were added.
I was working Christmas string Duets where I was modifying Mandolin Tab to reflect the violin fingering. Violin standard notation bracketed with a line of Tab. This seemed to go just fine. This is the first time I've tried Tab for violin.
Musescore seems haunted.
When I uploaded my efforts onto Musescore online none of the strangeness appeared.
I think I might need to uninstall -and get a new copy of Musescore. If I did something to invoke this I would like to know. Anything help is appreciated.--LisaJo

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For some reason once you pressed that A it also triggered something else (on your keyboard?) resulting in MuseScore receiving these chords (which it dutifully then notates). I also note that there's a recurring pattern in those notes.

Perhaps you have some drum accompaniment playing?

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jeetee, Thanks so much for your kind reply! I think you are right. I cycled on and off with my keyboard and that fixed it. I often forget how many functions my Yamaha keyboard has--and that somehow those features get inadvertently switched on. I am grateful for your advice--LisaJo

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