Reporting for Inappropriate language.

• Oct 22, 2019 - 21:40

Can anybody tell me how to report people? I had this one dude say this: "It’s one of my favorite things actually to watch a guy jack off until he cums. It drives me absolutely nuts" and i have note ever texted him! It absolutely disgusted me! :( If any kind person can tell me how to report please tell me! Thanks. Also if you have seen a message from, Gavinred89, he is the one. Please and Thanks
Sincerely, David Matev
(PS. I dont think you will want to click on that link!)


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Thanks for the link Jojo.

For anyone getting these messages, please continue to report them so the website administrators will know all of the accounts responsible. It seems there are several. The administrators will hopefully be able to use this information to prevent future attacks like this, at least from these people.

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