Stave distance / stretch - can't reduce it enough.

• Oct 21, 2019 - 13:51

I'm having trouble reducing my stretch enough. I have a piece of music that was 2 pages, scanned in it has become 3, and there are bars with only one note in, that .I want to reduce stretch on, and I can't.

I have tried reducing the size of note and stave, but it won't allow any less distance between.

I have gone into stave properties, and put a minus number for distance between staves, but this doesn't do anything.... any ideas much appreciated....

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BYRD O Mistris Myne 54.56.xml 207.3 KB


Either remove all system and page breaks or

  1. remove the page breaks in measure 38 and 72 (replace with a system break, probably)
  2. reduce staff stace from 1.75mm to e.g. 1.5mm

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