better playback control of individual staves in a grand staff

• Oct 18, 2019 - 20:36

I'd like to have a separate mixer widget for each staff, not each instrument. They could be "ganged" together by default but worked independently when desired. I'm thinking not only of piano and organ grand staff, but multiple horn or violin staves and the like. I know you can mute individual voices for each staff (for piano), but why not also have mute buttons for the staves themselves, right next to those voice mute buttons? You could also "easily" add a menu item to mute/unmute a staff in that popup menu you get when a measure is selected and you right-click on it (there are separate Measure and Staff sections; under the Staff section you could have a mute/unmute staff choice). That would be handier than using the Mixer in many cases.


I'm not opposed to having more mixer controls for staves, but note: multiple horns or violins should not normally be handled using multiple staves on one instrument. That will do the wrong thing with respect to parts, in addition to the mixer issue. Also default behavior of dynamics, probably other things too rely on the convention that you'd use separate instruments. Really, only piano, organ, and similar cases should use a single instrument of multiple staves.

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