Beam Over Rests

• Oct 18, 2019 - 18:41

For a long time, I thought Musescore didn't support beaming over rests. When I found out that it is possible, I tried it. I opened up Musescore and just added an 8th note, an 8th rest, and another 8th note to the end of a score that was already open. I highlighted the rest and double-clicked the "Beam middle" option. It changed the first 8th note to look like half of a double 8th note sequence but left the 8th rest and second 8th note untouched.

I've attached three images. The last one is how it should look.


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I just created a new score to test it on again. With all the defaults, the new score is created in 4/4. When I repeated the steps, it worked perfectly. Then I looked back at the score I tried it on originally and noticed it was in 3/4. When I changed the new score to 3/4, the bug happened again.

The score I originally tried it on was just the one that happened to be open when I found out about beaming over a rest. The issue has nothing to do with what score it happened on, except, as I just said, what time signature it's in.

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I think I understand the issue a little better now, and no longer believe it to be a bug. It is because of the beams grouping defaults for 4/4 and 3/4, and it makes sense the way it is. You probably would never even want to beam over a rest in 3/4 anyway!

Thank you Shoichi, you have been very helpful!

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For the record: think of this forum as the place to ask for help, like if you can't get soemthing to work the way you should and aren't sure if it's because you are doing something wrong or there is a bug or what. Once something is confirmed to be a bug, then it makes sense to report it to the issue teacker so we don't lose track of it.

So, forum is for discussion, issue tracker is for the bottom line bug report.

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There are different numbers of beats in 4/4 than 3/4 and neither has every 8th note beamed, what else would you expect. BTW, I have a couple of custom 3/4 time signatures with different beam patterns for the various beam patterns I run into in scores. I keep these in the master palette since there is no easy way to distinguish between them in the time signatures palette.

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