copying everything in a selected region

• Oct 18, 2019 - 01:49

When I copy a region (to another musescore file), the pasted music does not include the repeats, rehearsal marks and time signatures that were in the original region. Am I doing something wrong or is this a big bug? I suspect I'm doing something wrong. I just select the first measure, shift+select the last measure, press ctrl+C, go to the destination and press ctrl+V. I checked that the Selection Filter had All boxes checked. I also read about copying in the manual but didn't find anything helpful.


You're not doing anything wrong and it's not a bug. It's a design decision that's being rethought. Several developers seem to agree that you should be able to copy system items (the things that don't currently copy) and there is discussion about how to fix this. I don't have any idea when it might happen, but I expect that some day it will.

To be clear: sometimes one wants to copy those elements, sometimes one doesn't. For time signatures, maybe it's more common to want copy than not, but for repeats ot rehearsal marks it's probably more common to not (especially for rehearsal marks, those should almost never be copied). Anyhow, probably what will happen is either additional capabilities in the filter, or a new "paste special" command with additional options.

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