mscz file only, can't find actual piece

• Oct 14, 2019 - 20:00

I entered a piece into Muse some time ago and went looking for it today and it was not listed in the "Open" file listing. I used the "Search" on the computer itself and it did list it, but only as an mscz file, which it said Muse could not open. What do I do?


The file with the comma is a backup, so if you accidentally deleted the original, you can just rename this to remove the leading period and trailing comma and have most of your work back (it will be missing the changes made during the last editing session.

If you're on Windows, and originally created this score with a version other than the latest (likely, it seems), and there was a crash at some point while editing and you elected to restore the last session but didn't use "Save As", then your file might be in the "Virtual Store". Do a websearch for that term to learn how to find it for your particular OS to find how to locate it, and then search there.

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