Second time only

• Oct 10, 2019 - 22:28

Is there a feature within Muse Score to make an instrument play on the second time through a repeated phrase only?


if you want that for your play-back, impossible, you must duplicated the passage. If you want only for the player, simply write "2nd time only or TACET 1st Time"

I would like to add that in a lot of occasions the 2nd time differs slightly from the first time. For example, the horns play mf 1st time, and f the 2nd time.
It would be great to find a solution. I understand that you can copy paste the score, but you really want to keep the score as compact as possible.

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Of course if playback is vital, like making an MP3, you can use Tools->Unroll repeats, edit playback and you have the best of both worlds. A readable score and one that plays properly. You just have to either maintain both or unroll the score every time since they aren't linked.

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