How to add block to text at end of score, like a hymnal

• Oct 9, 2019 - 18:54

1) I'd like to add a block of text to the bottom of a page, for just the lyrics. See the uploaded document for what I've done so far.

I added System or Staff Text to the last note, copied in all the lyrics and created the line breaks as I wish. They are sitting on the page now, left justified. When I go into Inspector to center them, they move into the center, but no matter how many times I hit Save, lyrics revert back to left justified. (Attached is a screen shot of my settings in the Inspector)

Is there a way to center? Or a better way to add text to the bottom of the page? Ideally, I'd love to add completely floating text boxes and format as I wish.

1) Any way to have two columns of text below the score, instead of just one?

MANY thanks! This is my first post. Everything else I've wanted to do, I found instantly in your excellent community postings.

Karen G


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You area peach to help me with this. So I was able to append two horizontal frames. But they push the music to the left, and I can't remove or move the frames with any combination of key strokes. See screen shot.

How do I leave music untouched (so it ends at the far right, and not indented), and add the two columns of text below?

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I'd rather you impeach someone else right now : ) -- just keep adjusting the frame, or insering frames between them, until you get as close as you want. You might want to put a "line break" on the last measure of the music, too. Just mess around with those things as well as you can. "You can't always get what you want" with this, as the song goes.

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