Annotating repeated quavers written as a pair of minims, joined as if a pair of quavers

• Oct 3, 2019 - 13:21

I am trying to annotate some music in which a repeated sequence of quavers is written as a pair of minims, so that one only writes 2 notes, to represent 4, or 6 if dotted, quavers. (Please see the attached image - makes better sense than the above long-hand description.)
I don't know what to call it, so it is hard to look this up. But it's an efficient, and easily read, way of annotating repeated groups of quavers. I'm sure I've managed to do it before, but...
Many thanks.

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Notate as quavers, change notehead type to minim?
Or is this supposed to be a (dottet) crotchet tremolos? If so notate as (dotted) crotchets then apply tremolo between notes to them.

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Thank you.
I tried to change the notehead - but I couldn't get the notehead to change - but I'll keep trying!
However, your second solution did work - once I typed in dotted crotchets for the two notes, and then used the single tremolo line, that isn't on a stem. (My first attempt with dotted minims ended up with a pair of dotted semi-breves, but that does make sense.)
I'll use the second option as I can, and I think it gives the right impression.

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Thank you again. I did try using the palettes, but I didn't think of using the Inspector.
Now the problem will be to remember how to do this, as it just crops up now and again - with many months between occasions. In my mind it doesn't seem like a tremolo!
I often type up orchestral music, as some of it is nothing like as clear to (sight-) read as it could be! Particularly when we're given copied and pasted parts from a score - the last lot was tiny, and totally unsuitable for cellists, given the music-stand distance!

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I don't think so, as a tremolo would result in repeating the one note and then the other, not alternating between the notes.
I think your second solution is the correct one, and ought to result in my colleagues and I playing the notes correctly. Which is, of course, what matters!
Thank you.

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I think of tremolos as being written ON the stem. And feel there ought to be a different name for the lines written between two notes!
Problem is that I did my Grade 5 theory decades ago! So I'm not very accurate with some bits of phraseology!
Perhaps I ought go to a theory course - but that will never happen.

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