Bad layout of textline with endhook when start and end points are same note

• Aug 12, 2014 - 22:29
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu Studio 14.04, GIT commit: e176e25

See and (comments 5 and 7 in #28761: Lengthening note before a line produces incorrect results.

The bug with lengthening a note is fixed, but the incorrect layout for some spanners - which seem to be separate issues - remain.

For textlines:

1) new score
2) fill a measure with quarter notes
3) add pedal line to last note

Result: the end hook appears before the line segment itself. Same is true if you add the pedal earlier in the measure but shorten it (shift+left) to only cover one note.

Same for generic textlines.


Status (old) fixed active

In the latest Nightly (b4dbb5a), I do not see change (:

Depending on where the Pedal Line and the Text Line are anchored ( highlighted notes), the length and hook are correct (at the beginning of the measures) or wrong (on the third and / or fourth notes)
Pedal line, text line.jpg
And even with a « confortable » layout, it does not work for the text line.
text line 1.jpg

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You're right, it's not a complete fix.

The change was basically to make these lines as long as the note's duration - to extend almost all the way all the way to the next note or barline. If that's very close, you'll still get the visual glitch where hook appears to overlap the line. But it shouldn't be an issue in most cases. I was actually more concerned with the fact that even a whole note in a 4/4 measure got one of those weird short pedal lines.

Not sure what happened for the text line, though. Will investigate that.

There are two choices for what I do with generic textlines, I'm open to suggestions:

To see the two choices, take the demo score (or any empty score with a line break after four bars to stretch out the measure) and add a whole note to bar 1. Try adding an ottava, then try adding a oedal. The ottava stops just after the notehead, the pedal continues to the end of the measure.

Which would you rather see for the generic textline? I suppose it depends on what one is most likely to use this line for.

EDIT: my vote is we do it like pedal (or trill). If the text is anything but a character or two, we'll see exactly the same issue as you do with pedal lines on beat 4. If the line is too short, it overlaps the text.

The other reason to go with #2 is that it imports 1.3 scores better :-)

I can fix the appearance of lines where the text is longer than the line, but again, I could use feedback on the best way to do it.

I would propose if the text is longer than the line itself, that I don't even bother drawing the line. So for instance in your examples, if you place a pedal mark on the last beat of a measure, there is no line or hook at all - just the "Ped" symbol:


If you then stretch the measure to the point where it maskes sense to draw the line & hook, I do so:


The alternative is I draw a very short line and hook even if the text is longer than the line should have been,, but I think that could be misleading, as the hook could appear well past where it was meant to:


Here it looks like the pedal is extended all the way to the first note of the next measure, but that was not the intent. Obviously, this is a contrived case, but still, I think if a hook is to be drawn, it should mean something. I propose no line or hook unless there is actually room.

A Pedal line or a Text line without... line, it's curious, right?!

I had made ​​a suggestion there is some time. But I absolutely do not know if it is feasible now given the changes already made to the lines.

The idea is to keep a constant length ( of a measure) of the line, regardless of its anchorage.

So the line is always correct.

lines anchor.jpg

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I'm not following you. Lines have to be able to be different lengths, as they can start and end on any beat you choose. You could take any one of those lines, double click it, and hit Shift+Right/Left to lengthen or shorten the line one beat at a time. So the question isn't how many beats long a line is by default; it's what happens if the length of the line - either because of the default or because you shortened it with Shift+Left - is shorter than the text.

I am pretty sure the line-less line, curious as it seems, is the way to go. If you wish to see the line & hook even for very short lines, you can always lengthen the line with the right arrow (without shift) which lengthens the line without changing the anchor.

Of course, I know that you can edit the length of the line like you want it :)

But what I was proposing was not my idea. I saw this feature in some Nightlies at the end of July in my memory. This worked very fine. And then it was changed a day or two later. I could find exactly where, if you want.

The anchorage was different, but the line length was constant. Then, of course, when the anchorage was done, you were free to leave the line as it, or reduce it, or extend it.

However, do according to your idea, because I doubt you have time now to reconsider the question.