Musescore resets bank/patch in exterior synthesiser (connected via Jack) when the score is played.

• Sep 29, 2019 - 19:40

I appreciate this issue may be insurmountable.

I have Musescore connected to an exterior synthesiser (in my case Amsynth) via jack (attached is Jack graph, Jack setup settings and MS I/O settings), to the extent that I can click on a note in Musescore and the correct bank/patch is sounded for the note preview (ie: the bank/patch indicated in "amsynth before musescore playback"), however when I playback the score Amsynth resets to the default patch/bank ("amsynth after musescore playback").

Perhaps worth mentioning that if I select a note to start playback, MS will not play the selected note, but only the notes after it (this doesn't happen if one commences playback on a rest).

I have changed patch and port settings in MS's Mixer, however changing ports crashes MS's jack port, and changing patch (after loading up a soundfont) crashes MS entirely (or does nothing if I only change the patch by one or two... weird I know).

All help is greatly appreciated, I understand Jack issues are no fun to deal with!


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