Amazing open-source software.

• Oct 4, 2008 - 03:53

Hello my name is Joseph Pisano and I'm a professor of music in Grove City, PA in the U.S. I'm also the founder of I am amazed at finding this software and actually stunned I have not come across it before. My finding it could not be more timely as I am getting ready to post an article about alternatives to the now, pay version, of Finale Notepad.

I've installed your software on Win. Vista and it works very well with some small bugs, Noticably the inability to have the MIDI input work. (I'm using your current 1115 beta). I will be writing about your software soon but I am going to wait a little while to see if there are any resolutions to the MIDI input because that would be such a "big" thing to write about.

I also would like to discuss with someone any interest in talking about MuseScore on one of my next podcasts. You can contact me via my contact page at

Again, congratulations on a great, needed, and amazing open-source project that will be of HUGE benefit to those without the financial means to purchase some of the commercial notational packages.


Hi Joseph,

Just to inform you that the Changelog of MuseScore will reveal the state of MIDI input on Windows. Added just a few days ago: "added portmidi code to build system for upcoming windows midi input".

Second, some interesting facts for your podcast:

  • MuseScore development started in 2002 by Werner Schweer as a spin off of Muse, for Linux only
  • It has been ported to Windows at the end of 2007 and has been downloaded over 20.000 times since then
  • Since the 0.9.3 release at the end of Septermber 2008, MuseScore is downloaded over 200 times per day
  • The website has been made public at the end of August 2008 and has been translated into 5 languages since then.

I hope someone will jump on your podcast invitation, even if it just a very recent user. Personally, I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm not the good candidate.

Good luck with advocating MuseScore!

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