"Shortcut is ambiguous" when defining certain ALT shortcuts

• Sep 27, 2019 - 20:21

On kubuntu 18.04 with KDE5, certain default shortcuts do not work.
For example, ALT+2 is supposed to insert a note a second above. However, this conflicts with the menu entry for selecting 2nd voice from the note input bar. Similar problems happen for ALT+1-4 and others. Is there an option to disable the alt+letter shortcuts for menu entries altogether?


You can change the shortcut for any command you like. See Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts. But also, be sure you selected the proper keyboard layout when you first run MuseScore, it should choose sets that work with the most common layouts. You don't say which layout you have, but I'm guessing AZERTY or something else where it requires Shift to reach the numbers.

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