Grace note sounds more than the main note

• Sep 26, 2019 - 21:53

Musescore is simply awesome. I have been transcribing Beethoven opus 132 movement 3 to learn some counterpoint. The attached incomplete score has almost all the notations in my source. I had to add an initial p since sotto voce did not seem available as a dynamic. Also a few crescendos do not function if there is no target dynamic. (I haven't yet done all the experimentation I might to make this work.)

The grace note in bar 47 violin 1 does not playback very well - an unexpected application of grace notes perhaps. The 32nd notes have to be imagined sometimes. But the overall effect is good and makes Musescore the best feedback mechanism for one who is learning that I can imagine.

Bravo to the developers

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Dynamics are just text, so you can double click the "p" to put it in edit mode that type "sotto voce" instead or in addition.

It is true playback of crescendos requires information to tell MuseScore what sort of change you want. If you don't wish to add an actual dynamic, use the Inspector to set the "velocity change" (on a scale of 1 to 127).

Looks like your score is set to use the "Slow violin expr" violin present in View / Mixer (some versions of the string quartet may do this by default). That's why the fast notes don't sound - the bow is moving too slowly. Set this to the normal "Violin expr" and you'll like it better.

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