How to do an Instrument change without changing part name (PERCUSSION)

• Sep 26, 2019 - 18:18

I'm currently trying to write a piece for band, which, in one of the percussion parts, will involve switching from instruments that would use unpitched percussion sounds as well as pitched percussion that is being switched to (in this case, chimes/tubular bells).

From previous threads, the suggestion was to use the mixer and alter a mixer subchannel for an instance where there isn't a full instrument change that would necessitate the part temporarily taking on a different name. However, in my case, this does not work, as trying to do that doesn't get rid of the limited drumset notes that are allowed in a standard unpitched percussion part, meaning that, as far as I'm aware, I would have to have an instrument change.

This being said, I want the part to still read "Percussion 2", but as far as I can tell, I cannot edit the part name if an instrument change is used, even though I can edit the staff part name when there is no instrument change.

If there is a work-around for this, that would be great. If not, then adding in the ability to change instruments without changing the part name would be great, or if not that, always being able to edit the part name text would also be helpful.

EDIT: I've also just realized that apparently, it is currently impossible to actually switch from unpitched/drumset percussion to pitched percussion in the same staff, at least currently in MuseScore 3. Still, having this issue solved would be useful for the future.


This is something that can be improved for sure, but for now, it is possible to get that effect. One way is to add both staves, add the notes where desired, then when done adding the notes, right-click each, go to Staff Properties, and set "Hide when empty" to "Always". Then the score & part will only show the currently active staff.

You can edit part names, independently of the use of instrument changes, so in order to understand fully what you mean, we'd need you to attach your score. if you mean the staff name, currently (up through 3.2.) you cannot customize how that appears in the presence of instrument changes, but as of 3.3 you will be able to.

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