How To Stretch Last System To Fill The Page

• Sep 21, 2019 - 00:13

How do I stretch the last system to fill the width of the page?

I know I could gradually do this bar by bar but is there an easier more automated way to do this?

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Although I'm not answering exactly the question you ask, rather than stretching the last bar, you might want to look at the spacing property, in Format > Style > Bar.
Remove any line or page breaks then tweak this value to get the desired layout.

select the dedicated bars, then

hold "ctrl & shift" together, and press "[" to subtract or "]" to expand.

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Perhaps, but see above - that's not the right way to do this, and might not produce the correct results when the score is loaded into other systems. Use the last system fill threshold as mentioned; that's designed specifically for this purpose. The stretch commands are for other purposes, like changing the relative widhts of measures within systems, or in some cases compressing things to allow more measures on a system. Not for triggering the last system fill.

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