A few more questions

• Sep 20, 2019 - 23:03
  1. By "cut through" in my last post I meant, for example, put a slur through a note stem yet make the stem "split". How do you do that?
  2. On musescore's home page, when you click on "orchestra" how do you "link page"?
  3. Could you be a bit more specific when you tell me how to create the conductor page?
  4. How do you link bar lines all the way down a orchestra page?



For follows to a previous post, better to just post your comment there. Since people were asking you for clarification, I'd say your current explanation still isn't clear, so when you do post your comment back int he original thread, please attach a picture. Slurs don't normally go through note stems, so I suspect you are calling things by the wrong names.

Regarding "musescore's home page", I guess you mean the score sharing website musescore.com? If so, best to ask over there.

Don't use a new post if it's in relation with another post.

Use the Hand book !!!

for the 4, in MS 2.3, click a barline of the first stave you want to link, right clic, all similars elements , and in the INSPECTOR, there is the choise for the numbers of staves to link.

for the others, sorry, I'm french, and my english is limited.....

  1. I guess you mean this page page. It mentions "linked parts", not "linked page". If your question is how to link parts to the main score, the answer is that this is done automatically and is not something you need to do yourself (and you cannot turn it off even if you wanted to).

  2. Most people use the main score. I you want to make a "condensed score" for the conductor, you can make a specific part made up of some of the instruments in the score. See the handbook on how to set up parts.

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