Piano Roll Editor should be able to show the both staves of grand staff simultaneously!

• Sep 19, 2019 - 13:08

Currently, only one staff can be shown in the Piano Roll Editor at the same time. This is really limiting for purpose of viewing and editing keyboard music.


The two staves could (in a given passage) be in the same clef (which, for a grand staff, actually presents midi problems, as it does for real hands and fingers). Yet, in the normal case of 2 staves of non-overlapping clefs, not to talk about the irony of the piano roll editor not being able to show what a real piano roll would for the particular case of a piano, ... this would be useful (but begs the question of multiple staves in the PRE). If, like most of us, you learned about the PRE in order to set note on-times and off-times, I suggest you visit https://musescore.org/en/project/articulation-and-ornamentation-control , a new, better way.

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Yes, I think that the ability to set on and off time for musical notes is very important and it is good that we can do that in the Piano Roll Editor (PRE). However, whole PRE is very clumsy to use and I hope that one day it will become first-class citizen of MuseScore like musical notation features are. Meanwhile, your plugins are very useful. In some future projects, I should try to use them instead of hard manual work.

However, I see plugins as a temporary solution until PRE becomes better one day. This day might be quite far in the future, I'm aware of that.

I personally love to see curves for some parameters and to be able to edit curve nodes and segments (like tempo curve or velocity curve or MIDI CC in DAW software). Such curves might be incorporated in the PRE one day. This is the direction in which Dorico seems to be going (see the picture of "Play mode" in the attachment). Dorico has separate mode for music notation entry and separate "Play mode".

For me, the music software that would be able to unify all the good sides of music notation software and DAW software and still be relatively simple to use would be kind of Holy Grail of music software :)

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I'd like to see on/off time in the inspector (alongside where velocity is now); if QML had a way to notify on selection change, we could make a plugin that could sit there as though it were part of the inspector, but yes, I'd like to see on/off time become first-class citizens. I'd like to see more parameters become directly available without changing to a "magic alternate view window". Curve-editing and the other ideas you mention sound like good goals.

For now, I found that the partial workaround for this (I say partial because it can mess up with things like repeats). Select the entire treble clef staff with ctrl + shift + right arrow key then go to tools>implode. It should lift all the notes from the bass clef staff into the treble clef staff. After that just do another ctrl + shift + right in the bass clef staff and then go to Inspector and click the Notes button, under the "Select" section. It should just select notes from your range selection. Then in inspector remove the check from the "Play" checkbox. Then go to Piano Roll Editor and it all should be there and play like it should (except if you have repeats apparently).

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