rit. and a tempo

• Sep 15, 2019 - 06:13

How do I get rit. and a tempo to "work" in my score?


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Just follow Jojo's advice:
"... for a tempo use a plain tempo text, set to whatever the tempo was before"

You have to edit the Tempo text anyway, because MuseScore cannot guess what speed to use for an a tempo instruction. It depends on the context:
- is a tempo the speed immediately before the rit., rall. or accel.?
- or is a tempo the speed adopted at a earlier instruction e.g. Meno mosso?
- or is a tempo the speed indicated at a previous tempo declaration e.g. Andantino (quarter-note=94)?

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Instead of using free text to write a tempo, if you had an original tempo that you used (which comes with an advised metronome marking) I'd actually use your original tempo - let's say Allegretto (musescore suggests crotchet = 116 bpm). At your a tempo, just add Allegretto in again. Double-click to edit it, and then edit it to show a tempo. The benefit being at playback, you will actually revert to your original tempo. because the rits and ralls do slow up the music, it is useful to actually have your reference tempo.

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