Need help creating tuplet in MuseScore

• Sep 12, 2019 - 16:32

Hi all - im trying to learn how to use this program and am struggling to enter the following bar from the picture tuplet into musescore.
I can see from the guide on this topic it mentions to "Select a note or rest that specifies the full duration of the desired triplet group."

As you can see from the picture named Start i have 0.875 beats of a bar left or 7/8 after the last Thirty-Second Note.

A double dotted Eighth Note rest will give me this value - 0.5 + 0.25 + 0.125 = 0.875. So this is my rest that specifies the full duration of the triplet group.

How ever if you look at my final picture the values of the notes in this tuplet are different to the sheet music as this is the only way i can get it to work. Is the original sheet music incorrect, is the dotted F not actually an Eighth Note, am i reading it wrong or is it something with musescore ?

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Is the picture "Tuplet.png" the score you are copying from? It doesn't make sense to me, is that from a professional publisher, or was that perhaps just the default result of importing a MIDI file into some program.?

Here you are: nonuplet.mscz


I think this is theoretically what is written, but if you want a real facsimile you will have to work out how to squash the notes together. I used the manual page (How to create nonstandard tuplets); basically you have to split the bar so the tuplet is a bar on its own, then ctrl-9 and put the notes in. This is all quite absurd: no human could play something with a nonuplet over the last 7/8th of a beat, but there you go.

I wondered: perhaps the first note is meant to be a grace note. Perhaps somehow it's a split unison. Or perhaps a bit of fingernail got stuck in the keyboard.

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I have tried it again this morning and it worked fine i have been able to replicate the original score with E as the 32nd note and F as the dotted eighth, it seems that musescore is a bit finicky when it comes to its tuplet creation but it is probably because im not used to it.

Thanks for the help

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