Error in double transposition

• Sep 10, 2019 - 09:49

I have had the same error of apparent automatic transposition several times now. Bb and Eb instuments, although intially entered correctly, have double transposed the parts. Concert instuments are unaffected. Pressing the concert switch button puts all the notation correct, but the keys with then all be incorrect.

I hope the attached 2 version of the file attached, correct keys plus concert key, illustrates it


I'm not sure I understand. It seems maybe the notes were entered incorrectly - ie, either you were in concert pitch mode but entered transposed pitches, or vice versa. But as far as I can tell, toggling the concert pitch button now does the expected thing given that the notes already seem wrong to me. That is, looking at the 1st trumpet part, for example, I see one sharp key, first note F# while in concert pitch mode, when then when switching to transposed mode, that correctly changes to three sharps keys and first note G#. It's that way for both files you attached.

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The parts of the score were imported from scanscore as an .xml file and the dots and keys were all correctly imported and the file saved.
After some minor edits ( accents, rests, accidentals) and the file saved then reopened later, it had double transposed all the parts, with only trombone remaining in concert bass cleff.
I have had to transpose the Eb and Bb parts separately to correct them, as shown in the attached screenprint.
There is something odd happening intermittently with the software, or I have accidentally done something, but I cant figure how.

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Ah, well that explains it, scanscore apparently didn't provide the correct information in the MusicXML file to tell MuseScore about the transposition, probably because it didn't know itself it was dealing whether it was dealing with a transposed or concert score in the first p[place. No worries, MuseScore gives you the tools you need to fix this scanscore error, just transpose the parts manually, by selecting the contents (eg, clicking first measure and pressing Shift+Ctrl+End) then using Notes / Transpose. The specifics beyond that really depend on what this is supposed to look like. If you need further assistance correcting the score, please attach the PDF so we can compare, then someone should be able to give you more precise steps.

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Arrows move cursor by letter.
Home end begin / end of line.
PgUp PgDw pages.
Ctrl arrow by word.
Ctrl home end : start and end of document.

Memorize that (should be quite intuitive).

Then ... Add [shift] to ANY of these keys, same move of cursor will happen BUT you will also select the range over which the cursor has moved

That's basic keyboard navigation in pretty much any piece of software, and one of the first thing to learn.

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A fair number of Windows computers these days lack those keys as well I learned about the shortcuts for the missing Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys when I using a Chromebook regularly (there is was the "search" button that worked as a modifier), then was pleasantly surprised to find the same thing worked with Fn on my Windows computers.

I have found there are a number of very commonly implemented shortcuts / gestures that work across almost all applications and across almost all OS's that for whatever reason, a lot of people don't ever learn about.

  • Home/End/PgUp/PgDn as discussed here
  • right-click is a very common operation on Windows, but since most Mac mice lack a second button, many Mac users never think about this, or learn the gesture equivalents like Ctrl+click or two-finger tap
  • scroll gestures are implemented different for just about every device it seems, two-finger swipe is common for vertical, and Mac trackpads use "freeform" swiping, but most Windows computers require Shift to scroll horizontally, and because this is a less common operation, many users never learn it.

I don't see any problem or any difference between the two scores. Notes entered when you are in concert pitched get transposed automatically when you deselect concert pitch. When this button is deselected, notes are entered in transposed pitch and displayed in concert pitch when you select this button.

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Sorry there is almost nothing we can tell from just a screenshot. If you attach the PDF you started from - ideally, the MusicXML produced by scanscore - we can then look at the scores you have attached and tell you how to fix the problem. Let us know which of the two versions of the score you'd rather us use, or we can start from the MusicXML file.

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