Key signature after start of repeat bar

• Sep 10, 2019 - 03:36

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 5e72afd

Hi, I think I found a bug with key signatures changes inside a simple repeat block (|: ...... :|). In the measure where the simple repeat starts ( |: ), insert a key signature and see that the key signature isn't inside the measure where it's inserted, but before the simple repeat start.

If the key signature is inserted in any measure that doesn't have a simple repeat barline, the key signature is correctly shown inside the measure and not on the measure before it.


To fix this, you have to turn off auto place on the items you want to switch and then change their x offsets to put them in the proper place. The designers of MuseScore decided they were going to be the notation police an try to prevent you from using this notation.

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Not at all, it should be possible in the special case where the key change really does need to occur inside the repeat (eg, when there is also a second key changed later, so you need to show the change back again). So in theory it should to work to insert a "mid-measure" key change there, but it doesn't, that's just a bug to fix.

But to be clear: in the normal case, where the key does not change twice, the default is correct.

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BTW, since the same situation occurs for clefs, and for time signatures (which cannot be inserted mid-measure anyhow), probably the best way to handle this is via a property on the clef, key signature, or time signature itself. That is, a checkbox in the Inspector to say "display after start repeat". That way you'd have full independent control, so if there are changes to clef, key, and time signature all at once, and two of three (say, clef and time sig) are "permanent" changes, they could continue to be placed before the start repeat, but if the third is one that changes again within the repeated section, you could force that one to the right.

Seems like this would be a relatively simple enhancement, if that approach covers the necessary cases.

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Although I agree it's logically that's what happens (the change occurs before the start repeat bar), my teacher/music producer says that in the book of music theory she studied the changes are inside the repeat block and not before the start repeat bar.

And there is at least one more user on this thread (mike320) that is unsatisfied with the default behavior besides my teacher.

I would like to be possible to modify the score's style (not a property on the clef, key signature or time signature itself) so the notation for clefs, time signatures and key signatures could be changed from the default (before the start repeat bar) to inside the repeat block, even if there is no change inside the repeat block after the first change. This way the entire score is consistent.

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