Drumline extension not working

• Sep 9, 2019 - 06:47

Hi I'm going to make this short, so I am trying Muscore 3, (and I know that everyone is also having some kind of issue with this new software), but I think mine is a little different. Apparently my drumline extender is gone. I have battery parts written beofore downloading MS3. Maybe it got rid of it? I also can't do the resource management thing, because it does not show I can not install MS Drumline. Someone help asap xd!

Thanks!- Ken(drick).


I suggest that you revert to factory settings, which will remove MDL, then use the resource manager to reinstall MDL.

Were the parts written using MDL instruments in MS2? If they were written for the old marching drums, the only way to convert them to the new instruments is manually. If MS Drumline in the resource manager says "updated" under "install/update," you already have the extension installed.

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