Version 3.2.3 Public Domain Setting

• Sep 8, 2019 - 20:53

When I loaded Version 3.2.3, all my old scores defaulted to NOT Public Domain. In trying to change them to Public Domain, the setting never "sticks" when saved. (I find the composition it's related to in the search box drop downs for public domain compositions.) Is this a bug I'm not aware of?


On they are working on fixing update the PD status of a score.
As that feature on the sharing platform got introduced after the release of 3.2.3, it simply isn't aware of that setting. I'm not sure 3.3 will include it as well, as things on .com are still taking their final form.

Changing a score to Public Domain requires you to add some extra information (official title, composer name, IMSLP page of public domain PDF). If you cannot find the work in the search dropdown, then you have to create a new entry. And when you press Save, the PD flag does not appear immediately.

I think that it takes some time for the moderator(s) to check that the PD information is accurate. I have added PD information to 50+ scores, and the PD flag appears eventually. Maybe wait a day or two, and check?

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