V3.3 Beta Palettes - Add custom palette seems to do nothing if you're scrolled to the bottom of the palette list

• Sep 7, 2019 - 13:24

When you click Add more palettes -> Create custom palette, a new palette named Custom is added to the top of the list. However, the first time I tried this, the top of the list wasn't visible, so the new Custom palette was invisible. I clicked the button a few more times, still I saw nothing happen, figured it was broken. Later I noticed I'd added a bunch of Custom palettes at the TOP of the list.

To be honest, even when scrolled to the top of the list, it's not all that noticeable that the new palette has been added.

Some suggestions:
1) Some sort of notification that the palette was created is needed. A "toast" message (brief notification that shows for a few seconds then goes away by itself) stating "New palette 'Custom' has been added' would be nice. A regular alert with "Ok" to dismiss is fine too; I don't mind the extra keystroke to dismiss it, it's better than thinking the feature's broken, given that adding a custom palette is not something you'd do frequently or repetitively.

2) Auto-scroll to the top of the list when the palette is added.

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