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• Sep 3, 2019 - 18:03

I have been using Musescore for a while creating PDF for use with Piascore which has been fine.

Recently I have been trying Newzik which allows you to playback the tune as well as having thefacility to change key in the App. The only thing is it has to use .musicxml files. I thought it would be no problem as Musescore does export to .muscxml, but irrespective of what I tried it comes up with the attached file . I can live with the format but I was expecting the tabs as shown in the other PDF. can you advise on why this is the case and how I can correct this. Whiskey Before Breakfast Mandolin (.musicxml).pdf Whiskey_Before_Breakfast_Mandolin.pdf


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No that was a different problem with the version 3 of the software regarding generation Pdfs. This is relating to being able to generate the music standard MusicXML that can be used in other software but that is not the case. I will try some other software Apps to see if the file will import properly. The PDF generated by Musescore is exactly as expected, I had assumed the MusicXML would be the same with the exception of having the midi included in the file but apparently not.

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Mac OS Mojave. Note: the Pdf was generated from the Newzik App which used .musicxml but when opened the tabs are not generating correctly. I suspected it might be the app put if you look at the thread you will see the newer version 3 generated supplied .musicxml opens with blank tabs so not even consistent.

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I am aware of that. But I expect that the software would generate compatible musicxml considering that is the industry standard that is useable in other software.

We use IPads and Piascore to share when playing and usually use pdf sheet music. But to transpose we have to take it back to musescore. Newzik app offered the same features as Piascore but if we used musicxml instead of pdf we could transpose in the app and have the facility to playback the tune as it was written. This is the attraction to using Newzik, but if the musicxml generated by musescore is not compatible then we cannot use it. I cannot understand why it will not generate the correct tabs. But should it not be logged as a fault?

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Maybe, but right now it's not clear where the problem is - I see several different files attached if different formats, different programs mentioned, etc. I gather the problem is one particular MuseScore file that you opened In MuseScore, verified it looked correct thetr, then exported as MusicXML, and then imported the file into some other program and it did not look correct there? In which case it's either a problem with our export or their import. Could you attach just the one MSCZ file for us to check?

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I use Musescore 2.3.2 and have over 100 pieces created. I then export to Pdf and use Piascore as the iPad viewer for all of us. I came across Newzik software for iPad which offered i all the features of Piascore but with the addition of being able to transpose in the app ( handy when rehearsing and wanting to change key) and to play the piece as written within the App. To achieve these features, the piece needs to be in MusicXML format and not Pdf. I therefore exported, within Musescore, the piece in Music XML and imported it into Newzik which produced the page as per the attached Pdf which was downloaded from the NewZik app. Reiver's Galley.mscz Reiver's Galley.pdf.

This is the Pdf generated by Musescore and I was what expecting to see this or something very similar when opening the musicxml in Newzik. Reiver's Galley (musescore generated).pdf


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There is a sample score above, attached here again.
'Importing' this MuseScore 2(.3.2) score into MuseScore 3(.2.3) and exporting as MusicXML, then importing that again results in an error message:
Fataler Fehler: Zeile 40 Spalte 19 Beim Element credit fehlt ein Unterelement.
Ignoring that seems to work though.
Well, it hung on 2nd try...

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The Layout and fonts that are shown in the earlier Musescore generated Pdf including page settings layout font etc. I know there are differences in versions and that was one reason why I reverted back to Musescore 2.3.2 rather than version 3 as I had too many files that would have to be reformatted in Musescore 3. I understand that you will not update an older version, if you find Musescore to be at fault, but I would need to be sure that Musescore 3 exported musicXml pieces can import into Newzik before I would consider reformatting all my pieces in Musescore 3.

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Compared the MuseScore 2.x and 3.x produced MusicXML: besides minor layout changes the content is identical.

To the best of my knowledge, the MusicXML produced by MuseScore is correct. I would be most interested in finding out why it is not accepted. Do you have MusicXML examples that are accepted by Newzik ?

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