"Staff Spacer Down" functionality lost in MS 3.2.3 that worked in 2.3.2

• Sep 2, 2019 - 22:35

Windows 10, MS 3.2.3
In MS 2.3.2, I could use "Staff Spacer Down" from the Breaks & Spacers palette to push the bottom-most staff up if it collided with the copyright information. In MS 3.2.3, the spacer can be moved down but the staff does not move.
1) Open attached score using MS 2.3.2 (or choose any other score- should have same results)
2) Select the first measure in the bottom staff on page 1.
3) From the Breaks & Spacers palette, double-click the Staff Spacer Down icon. The spacer appears (assuming its visibility is not off).
4) Double-click the spacer that just appeared, and pressing CTRL-down arrow multiple times, the bottom staff will start to move up from the bottom of the page.
Perform the same sequence using MS 3.2.3. In step 4), the bottom staff will not move although the spacer will extend off of the bottom of the page.

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