Playback problems on MacMini with macOS 10.14.6

• Sep 2, 2019 - 15:34
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needs info

Importing a MIDI file disrupt playback. No way to listen to even working on mixers.

This is happening from the ;last 3 or so versions.

I'm a registered user which imports and then edit IDI files from other programs.

I've tried working on the playback configuration with no luck.
Especially using "rich" of tracks MIDI files.

Even inputting more than on track (using for example drums) Leeds to the same result. Impossible to use the program.

Thank you


Status active needs info

Please attach one of the MIDI files you are having trouble with, and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. Also tell use what soundfonts you have loaded (see View / Synthesizer, both the Fluid and Zerberus tabs).

This is happening with any MIDI file imported or crated with the program saved as MIDI and play it back.
I'm attaching the vie screen shot requested.

The attached MIDI file is save in MS format but for example listen what is happening at page 34 and on.

Previous version (unfortunately I did not saved them...) didn't suffer of this problem.

Thank you

I've prepared a screen and audio (from an external USB mic) capture with quicktime but I'm not able (15MB) to enclose it here. If you have an email address I can send you a file transfer with that one.

You will, from that dump, notice what is happening: it just slow down and loose tempo, playback etc.

I'm positive with 2/3 past version this was not happening. I'm a registered user from at least 3/4 year now and only with latest version I have this problem.

I'm on a MacMini 2018 with 10.14.6, see screenshoot.

If you have an older version and can let me download it you really will help me: with this version I'm not able to write and listen to music I produce, share or use, and I've bought the program almost for this task.
Naturally same file (translated back to MIDI) imported in other programs (Finale, QMidi, MIDI Player, etc) plays with no problem on very same Mac.


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Do you have any particular setting in MS Mac version?
I can confirm on versione 2.3.2 it plays as should.

This weird behaviour is happening on any file I playback.
So must something with my config if for you (on Mac 10.14.6?) is working.

Naturally. I would like to send you a file sender link not an email with an attachment... but I need an email address!!!
Tried to include here but no way.

I've done a bunch of tests. On. Mac Pro 2009 (same OS) and a PowerBook (10.13.6), very same files play with no problem as you stated.

I've then uninstall everything and trashed the program and installed back and there is no way it is impossible on a my MacMini 2018 playback anything at all. Even simple staves with 20 bars and tempo changes brings to a distorted impossible to use state.

Everything is distorted out of time, an so on.

I've tried also to install version 2.3.2 which I did have found on the Mac Pro: same story.
The playback specially if there are tempo changes is distorted, playing goes out of time and so on.

I will try to reinstall the OS in the following days but I do not know I this will work out.

By now I'll create a brand new account and try with that. Again on the very same MacMini.

Title Playback problems on Mac OS 10.14.6 MS version Playback problems on MacMini with macOS 10.14.6

So it is not MuseScore 3.2.3 that has an issue, but the MacMini, right?

Yes I can confirm that at least is my MacMini.

I did crate fake user (fresh) and used the same MS version as my account and is much more better but around bar 66 of that tune I've enclose in the ticket the problem is still there and the program (or the computer who knows...) loses timing and everything is getting distorted out o time and playback becomes useless.

Naturally using other programs things are working OK. Tried with the one I do have (many believe me...) and the same midi files not working on MS or at least having problems play with non troubles.

The only last chance is to reinstall the OS from scratch, but as you can imagine is a real pian in the neck...

Let you know.
Really sorry anyway I'm using MS a lot specially inputting notes and was the perfect solution for me.
Changing from one to another has dropped me here.

it is loosing time sync especially when many notes all together (again bar 68 is a good example).
I do not understand what is the difference between Macs.
But anyway this is it.
I can try to reinstall OS (I have many HDs so at least will install on an external one connected via TB3 whitout touching a working and completely installed computer...) but I can only do it when I do have spare time, it is anyway something requiring time.

Real a bad thing anyway.
Probably I'm gonna use a different program on this Mac.