Can I unhide a hidden empty staff in certain systems?

• Aug 26, 2019 - 17:16

For example in a whole orchestra tutti, let's say the timpani isn't playing, but all other instruments are playing, a good orchestral score should then unhide the timpani staff as long as the tutti goes on, even though it's empty. Same happens to a concerto if all instruments but the solo are playing. Can I realize that in MuseScore?


No, he said in certain systems. Unhiding it everywhere would change the formatting of the entire movement/score. The need to change the hiding in a particular system, before it has any notes in it, is one that has been expressed many times here.

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Not sure about the OP, but that's not the problem I'm alluding to. What I mean is that I have a score with many staves, that barely fits on on a page, and there is a part which is "hidden if empty", and I'm on page 37 and want that part to appear so that I can put notes it it. There is no way of unhiding it to put funny texts or invisible notes in it or anything else. You are forced to un-hide it globally, trashing all the score layout, put funny marks in that measure (which is now on a completely different page), and then go back and hide it.

This is a flaw.

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There is no way of unhiding it Not to argue (as an end user I try to share the little that comes from my experience, I would not know how to implement the software if I wanted to) but why can't you use the trick? Two pages or 40 doesn't change much. Attach an example (*.mscz file) and someone will know how to help you (you don't seem to need it though).

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What does this score illustrate? There is only one system where a staff is hidden. If you globally unhide that staff, only one system will change. I am interested in the case where a staff is hidden almost all the time (because its notes are infrequent) over many pages, and later I decide that I want it to appear somewhere, and have no way to grab it other than to make it visible everywhere, losing my place as the score is wholly reformatted, and put some notes in it in the place I need, then re-hide-except-where-notes it, and hope it comes back to the same place. It would take me a good while to prepare an example. Maybe I will try.

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I use one of two methods to unhide a staff that has been hidden a while

  1. Select the visible staff closest to it and consult the instrument list to see how many times I need to press alt+arrow to move to that staff

  2. Switch to continuous view, put the invisible silent note into voice 2 (usually I already copied it, now I paste it) and return to page view. This can be an adventure if you have, say, 50 staves and want to unhide the 38th staff, because you cannot easily make the current selection come into view if it's not on the screen.

I do wish there were a better way.

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