Changing Instrument also changes Stave name

• Aug 26, 2019 - 11:26

I sometimes have a part change instrument mid way through the song.
I used Add Text | Instrument Change to do this.
However, the short instrument name that is shown at the start of every stave is changed to the new instrument for every lilne after the instrument change.
Is there a way to make an instrument change while retaining the original instrument name in the stave labels through?

See attached, bar 37, fourth part down.



It's normally correct that a true change of instrument should reflect in the staff names. It seems you are using an instrument change for some other purpose - that is, I assume you are not actually asking the tenors to stop singing and instead start playing the piano at that point? Probably you are just going for a particular effect in the computer-generated playback? In which case, you shouldn't be doing a full instrument change - that indeed changes too much (it will also change transposition, range, etc). Instead, add the instrument change text but then don't actually do the "Change Instrument" - instead just change the playback sound for that channel in the Mixer.

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Thanks to both.
You are quite right that I am doing this mostly for the computer-generated playback.
If I do as you suggest and change the playback sound for that channel, surely that will change it for the whole piece, not just from the point where I wanted to make the change?

The page reporting the known issue has a discussion running from 2016 to April 2019, but is marked as closed automatically due to no activity for two weeks.

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No, it works as you want. Once add the instrument change text, a new channel is added to the Mixer for it. You may need to expand the channel strip.for that part in order to see it (the arrow icon at the top of the strip).

The issue linked above is closed because the requested feature - a way to customize the staff name after an instrument change - was implemented a few weeks ago. It will appear in the next update.

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