Issues with ottavas

• Aug 21, 2019 - 18:15
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S4 - Minor

The status bar does not correctly display the pitch of notes that have an ottava line applied to them.

Also, a music notation book that I use states, "Accidentals do not apply if an 8va sign is added; repeat the accidentals." In the attached score, the red notes are in a different octave and should not be affected by the accidentals in the previous group of notes.

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You are correct on all counts. As for the accidentals, you are correct, but it is advisable to use courtesy accidentals in this case to assure there is no misunderstanding of your expectation as the publisher of the music.

If I get it right, there are two issues in this ticket:
1) Notes under an ottava line reflects the wrong octave in the status bar.
2) Even a note is under an ottava line, it will get the same accidental as the same note which is not under an ottave line.
Is this correct?

That is correct in MuseScore, but as you cited, it is a good practice to put in courtesy accidentals to avoid all doubt as to the intention.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 66be5a18fa

_fix #293593 - Issues with ottavas

Corrects first problem: Status doesn't display the pitch of note that have an
ottave line. This is solved in Note::tpcUserName().

Solves the second problem in issue 293593: Accidentals do apply if 8va sign is added.
This is solved in Note::updateAccidental(). All calculations are based on the
effective pitch of the a note rather than the actual pitch. The solution now
takes to ottava signs into account by using the actual pitch.

For easily find out wheather an ottava is applied, a new method ottavaCapoFret()
is added which returns the pitch offset by an ottava (or capo fret). To prevent
code dublication, ppitch() also use this new ottavaCapoFret() method._

Fix version