Single Note Dynamics (for Drums)

• Aug 19, 2019 - 17:27

Hello everyone, I'm sure this question must have been asked about a 1000 times already...

I'm a drummer, so when I'm composing the drums I want to be able to assign different dynamics (i.e. volume) to each individual note in a staff.
I'm relatively new to MuseScore but I used to achieve this using the "velocity" value for each note since the "dynamics" option applies to all notes.

Now, the "velocity" value is not working anymore, I read somewhere this may be caused by a new feature called "Single Note Dynamics" but I don't know how to use it.

Can anybody tell which is the best way to add per-note volume in a single staff?

My environment:
OS: Linux 5.1.10-1-default, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.2.3., revision: d2d863f


I'm using the default soundfont: "MuseScore_General.sf3"


Someone is working on this and hopefully it will be included in version 3.3 when it's released but that has not yet been decided.

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Wow that really sucks :( MuseScore is so awesome, yet not usable for a drummer/percussionist.
I will try an older version until this gets fixed.

EDIT: Ignore the previous comment. The velocity value DOES work with a fresh score but not with the one I imported from a Guitar Pro 5 file.

It should be the case that single note dynamics are already disabled for drum staves by default, but if you have a score where this is not true, right-click the staff, Staff Properties, and disable them there.

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I selected the checkbox "Use single note dynamics" for the drums staff but it didn't worked.

But then I remembered I imported this score from a .gp5 file (Guitar Pro 5), so I tested with a fresh score comparing "Bass drum 1" with velocities 100 and 0 and it DOES work. Also, I didn't have to select "Use single note dynamics" to make the velocity value work.

It seems the score I imported has a configuration that conflicts with the velocity setting.
I already removed all the dynamics markers from all the staffs (currently one drumset and two guitars) with no success.

I'm attaching the score file.

Attachment Size
09 - Purification of EA.mscz 158.54 KB

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Looking at your score, there is nothing that would be affected by single note dynamics at all. CC11 plays back the score properly if you have velocities. Open the synthesizer, click the dynamics tab and select both CC events only (constant velocity) and CC11 from the drop down menus and it should work with the velocities exported from GP.

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To be clear: in order for velocity to work, you need to deselect the "Use single note dynamics". As I said, it should already be deselected by default in new scores, but I have no idea about Guitar Pro files.

Anyhow, I opened your score in MuseScore 3.2.2, verified "Single note dynamics" is turned off for the top staff, then set the second note to -60 and the fourth to +60 under Velocity, and it played perfectly for me. Which notes are you having trouble with? Maybe there is something specific about those samples.

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