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• Aug 15, 2019 - 10:14

I am trying to save my scores, Muse Score 3, into a WAV file for copying and replaying from a new HiFi unit I have. I am told that to open the MSCZ files I have to go to Song Book? I have NEVER heard of it, I cant find it in any menu in MuseScore 3 and judging from comments on the web I am not the only one having difficulty with this "Song Book" The reason I am doing this is because I can not control when any file I have saved to disc. It is in numerical order, not alpha, and the player is looking for WAV files as used for "Compact Disc Digital Audio" professional manufacturers.


Not sure who told you that or what the context was, but Songbook is a mobile app that can open MSCZ files. You don't need it to use MuseScore on your computer.

To export your score as WAV, go to File / Export from within MuseScore on your computer.

Not sure what you mean about not having control over when files are saved. They are saved when you give the save command (File / Save. Ctrl+S. or the icon o the toolbar).

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Thanks Mark for such a swift reply. I thought song book was part of MuseScore3 by the way it said "Go to"...
Regards the export as WAV. The text I read suggested that it was better to save MSCZ files as this would save space on the disk/USB? I will now do as you suggested and try an export to WAV from my scores. I want to be able to choose the back-up piano score in any order by the remote control I have with the HiFi equipment I have bought. I play clarinet and I want to play any time any where without having to "T-up" a pianist. I have rewritten about 150 to 200 full piano parts and this is what I will be changing to the WAV files. Because these are the files that professional Compact Disc Digital Audio are written with and the Hi Fi unit has no trouble with them. Thank you again
Barry Austin

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