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• Aug 14, 2019 - 16:14

I have looked through the literature but found no answer: how can I copy / paste a passage including the time signatures?


You cannot currently do this, though there has been much discussion on the subject. I wouldn't be too surprised to see this happen in the not too distant future.

Adding one more plea, I can't figure out why this is not a high priority thing, it is so incredibly irritating and illogical not to be able to just copy/paste a part with time signature changes to experiment with it instantly instead of "preparing" the signature changes in empty bars beforehand...

I cannot believe this still isn't implemented. We are on Musescore version 4 now. A huge amount of modern music, especially symphonic music, has more than one time signature in a single piece and at this time, working with pieces with more than one time signature is a huge headache. I write symphonic progressive rock / jazz fusion that often changes time signatures many times per song, sometimes with sections that oscillate between two time signatures every single measure, which you can imagine is a nightmare in Musescore. When I select a whole section, copy it and paste it, it should paste the time signatures, period. I shouldn't have to carefully construct a whole section of time signatures in empty bars before pasting. It's incredibly counterintuitive, it's very slow and inefficient, and it makes working with the application a dogged, cumbersome and very frustrating experience. Please fix this!

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"I cannot believe this still isn't implemented"

Why can you not believe this? This is open-source, free software. Here are your options:

Hope that someone with coding skills wants this feature,
Hope that a lot of people have put in Feature Requests - AND that someone is willing to write the code,
Learn to code yourself and contribute,
Hope (and wait)

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You know what? Fine. I will put my money (time) where my mouth is. I will fork the Musescore repo tonight. I don't have much free time right now as I'm in-between jobs but when I do I will start investigating how the paste function currently works and how to fix it to work the way it to copy and paste all content and attributes including time signature unless specified otherwise (paste without formatting for ex.) like how it works in most programs.

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