"Master tuning" in "Synthesizer" in "View" doesn't seem to work for this -> https://musescore.com/user/13172/scores/1109671

• Aug 14, 2019 - 15:28

Could you indicate me why "Master tuning" in "Synthesizer" in "View" doesn't seem to work for my file https://musescore.com/user/13172/scores/1109671?
That one is a sheet for BWV 1011 (in A = 415 Hz) and I would like to updated it, but every time I try to replace it by the one (tuned A = 415 Hz) in my disk , the tuning of the uploaded file in MuseScore becomes A = 440 Hz.
I have no idea why this happens, as other sheets so fa I have updated have not shown this syndrome.
I will appreciate your insight on this.
Thank you.

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If you mean playback on musescore.com has A = 440, it's because that's the way the synthesizer on the .com site is set up. Audio is only uploaded if you specifically tell it to. I suggest that you add a soundfont to your synthesizer and change one of the instruments in your score to use that soundfont. This will allow you to check the "Upload custom audio" (or something like that) when you use Save online. Your score will then playback with the A=415 you have set in your synthesizer unless the user chooses not to listen to the custom audio.

Sorry, I found that the problem lies in my file (as attached) and not in MuseScore online: the local playback of the file gives A = 392 Hz instead of the intended A = 415 Hz.
Again this happens, to my knowledge, only to the attached file.
Could you please look into this matter?

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I'm a MuseScore user like you and definitely do not have perfect pitch.

Are you saying you upload the score with A=415, but playback is with A=392? How do you know this is happening? Besides listening, is there a way for me to see this? If I can see it, I can help diagnose the problem.

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I don't usually use this feature, so you may have found a bug. I loaded you file, then clicked the load from score button in the synthesizer and found no change in my synthesizer.

I did some testing after writing the above and discovered that when I save to score, load default then load from score, the tuning does not change. This definitely seems to be a bug. What I don't understand is where the 392hz comes from that you hear. Do you perhaps have your default tuning set to 392hz?

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I too have no idea where the pitch A = 392 Hz comes from and why MuseScore 3 insists that pitch on the file.
I set the default as A = 415 Hz, as I mainly make baroque sheets.
(Of course I know that some baroque instruments are tuned to A = 392 Hz, but I don't believe they are the majority.)

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