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• Aug 13, 2019 - 17:47

How to convert a .mus file to .mcsz file


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In finale there is an export or save as option that will allow you to save the file as a .musicxml or .xml file. MuseScore knows how to open these. Finale does not make .mscx files.

I know the dolet plugin is required for older Sibelius versions, but I don't think it's needed for Finale.

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Thank you for your prompt response.

I have checked the above link but it was not of much help.

The file that I am trying to open in musescore 3 was created in an earlier version of musescore. Ever since I installed musescore 3, I uninstalled all previous versions of musescore and after that the file has automatically become a .mus extension file. I even tried to attach that file here for your reference but it displays a message that format not supported while attaching that file.

Could there be any other work around to convert it to be opened in musescore 3?

Thanks and regards.

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