"Count In" Behavior when "Loop Playback" is Enabled

• Aug 12, 2019 - 10:04

If "Loop Playback" is enabled, then shouldn't the "Count In" feature run at the beginning of each iteration of the loop? I would be practicing A LOT with MuseScore if this was the case. This is how every music teacher I studied under as a kid made me practice a range of measures. Haven't we all practiced with that kind of repetition?

The music teacher counts off: 1... 2... 3... 4...
*** You play a range of music ***
The music teacher counts off: AGAIN!... 2... 3... 4...
... and over and over...
[the music teacher might increase the tempo during this break]

As it sits now, without a repeating "Count-In", I would have to learn how to transition directly from the end of the range I am practicing (loop out position) directly into the beginning again (loop in position). So in this scenario, I can never image wanting to have a count-in only once and then have a loopback repeat . Does anyone have a counter example where they would ?

Of course a workaround is adding in a measure for every range of measures I want to practice. But that would get messy.

I do understand their is a little complexity here. You may have to implement a "Count-Out" feature. For simplicity, I would only practice ranges that ended at the end of a measure.


I see that MS now repeats the count-in for each loop of the whole score on playback. This is not helpful for trad music players trying to learn a new tune. Could I suggest a checkbox option on the play panel? Something like "Count-in every loop" tick/untick (greyed out if the count-in button is not pressed).


ps. Cracking program btw, esp. new custom palettes.

Thanks for the workaround with the empty measure at the end.
I have a 2 measure Bossa Nova drumbeat that I played in loop mode at 130BPM. When jumping back to the beginning there was always a slight pause so it sounded like stutter. By adding a repeat sign on the end it was only every second time and now with the empty measure at the end it's a smooth loop.

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