Triolets and Lilypond export

• Oct 3, 2008 - 14:23

I am new here, and I am discovering MuseScore which looks pretty great !
I am using Mscore, v. 0.9.3 under Windows Vista, and I am in trouble with two features, while exporting in Lilypond :
1. It seems that ties are not exported at all
2. Triolets are exported very badly (a triolet of 1/8 becomes three quarter notes )

By the way, triolet are not easy to edit in Mscore: the two first notes work well, the Mscore refuses to accept the third one, so that I have to leave input mode and then select the last rest of the triolet, and then I can input the last note. Complicated, no?

Thanks for any help



A fix for the triplet entry with keyboard is in r1118.
As for lilypond export, tuplets and ties export is not implemented yet.

From the lilypond export code:

1. Voltas
2. Slurs: existing slurcheck does not work. Have to look at exportxml.cpp to find a way.
3. Tuplets
4. Segno etc.

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