crescendo and diminuendo on the same note

• Aug 3, 2019 - 23:55

Is there a way to do something like this (see image) - long note cresc then dim and have the synthesizer recognize it?

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Thanks for the pointer.

Now I have experimented a bit and it really is quite a complex of objects being addressed. My first experiment was in a lengthened bar (9/8) and after putting in voice 2 and making the rests invisible, I split the bar with the tool - split measure. That resulted in voice 2 being very confused (no longer added up to bar length) and the cresc decresc lines occupied the whole bar instead of where I had placed them. So I put them in again after deleting them and all of voice 2. Then the cresc line turned into dotted lines when I adjusted the velocity. And it stays that way on export. Is that a standard musical symbol? I have a professional composer in the family and she says - no. Also the lines failed to maintain position and changed strangely if I saved and reloaded the file. Using the inspector, I switched among staff, part, and system for the cresc, but it still takes place subito at the rest beginning the decresc. The design is a clever idea - but are the properties for cresc actually attached to the right object? I want them attached to voice 1 of the cello part on a particular note. It seems counter-intuitive to attach it to a hidden voice. Velocity type and velocity don't seem to make any difference to it. (testcresc.mscz)

I deleted the cresc and the playback was unchanged. I added it back and it is no longer dotted. But there is no impact on playback. I deleted the forte and reattached it to a different rest - still no change. Ah - adding a velocity change to the decresc resulted in a gradual decresc rather than a bump. Now something is happening. Also here I note that saving, closing, and reloading did not change anything. I expect that with additional bars, this might behave with more complexity. When I copied the bar back into the full score, the cresc-decresc became less than greater than signs and lost their shapely forms.

Very complex - intriguing - thanks for the help.

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When I add a cresc or decresc it always attaches to the extreme rhs of the measure. So I don't see how you got these examples to attach to a particular rest. I click the rest I want it to start on then double click the line and then edit and shift left etc to adjust its length. The hairpins always are attached to the right bar line, not to the individual rests even though I selected them. I think I will leave this technical problem for a while.

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You need to follow the instructions in the link I provided above. Note where it says it is very important that you double click the dynamic and use shift + left or right arrows to adjust the range. Not following the instructions or adding extra steps will give you undesirable results.

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