File dialogs bookmarks are not saved and mess other applications bookmarks

• Aug 2, 2019 - 20:33
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1) Save as... or Open... command (file dialog opens)
2) Drag folder from main pane (on right) to bookmarks pane (on left). Folder now appears in bookmarks, and selecting that folder opens it in the main pane.
3) Finish saving or opening a file, dialog dismisses
4) Save as... or Open... again (file dialog opens, newly created folder bookmark is gone)

Expected: Folder bookmark persists forever or until removed after creation. This was the behavior in MuseScore 2.x (with same OS version).

Using version 3.2.3 for Linux in Linux Mint 19.1.


Confirm, but for me only sometimes. Right now, I have them. I had more trouble with the Load/Save style dialogue boxen…

I think it works better when you create all those bookmarks, then exit MuseScore to ensure the information is saved.

(Assuming you’re not using the AppImage; if you do, all bets are off.)

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Erk… that’s even worse. Please install the proper distribution package instead; according to Linux Mint documentation, you can use the bionic packages from the official MuseScore 3 PPA on 19.1. (The packages from the PPA should show the distro version, i.e. 3.2.3+dfsg1-1~ppa1804+1, instead of just 3.2.3, as version number in the Help → About dialogue, so you can distinguish them.)

If those PPA packages should not work, please do tell; in that case, I’ll try to make something work (like I recently did for KDE-neon users).

Thanks, I now have 3.2.3+dfsg1-1~ppa1804+1 installed from the mscore-ubuntu/mscore3-stable ppa. Behavior is unchanged. Folder bookmarks are not preserved.

Note: At it has links to Flatpak, Snappy, and AppImage packages described as "Suitable for all Linux distributions", and under Linux Mint it says "search for "musescore" in Software Manager" — the latter turns up the version 2.1.0 deb package and the 3.2.2 Flatpak package. If the Flatpak and AppImage packages are unsuitable, the download page shouldn't be pointing people to them.

We’ve not yet had any Linux Mint users. I’ll post your concern to someone who can edit the site, but am still waiting for the last changes I requested to be applied. But it (as of the time of this writing) links to the “community package” before talking about the software manager, so that’s that.

I’m sorry to hear that it also does not work with the distribution package. I’ll try to invest some time to track that down, but it won’t be before mid next week due to a conference.

Thanks for trying out and letting me know.

Title File dialogs bookmarks are not saved File dialogs bookmarks are not saved and mess other applications bookmarks

I use both Scribus 1.5.5 for DTP layout and museScore 3.2.3 (from ubuntu 18.04 PPA) to edit scores whose PDF later fit into the scribus file.
Both Scribus and MuseScore use FileDialogs to reach for a file to open. These FileDialogs enable to define bookmarls. I wish to have some Scribus bookmarks folders and other folders as bookmarks for museScore.

Each time i open museScore, the favorite folders are reset to museScore3/partition and demo folders. And the previously favorite folders defined disappear : as Richard S. Holmes describes in this issue.

What is worse is that scribus favorites FileDialog folders ALSO disappear each time i open museScore ; they are set to that same set of folders : ~, musescore3/partition and musescore/demo. These folders are totaly irrelevants for my scribus use !!!!!

It could be an issue with museScore use of Qt because opening Scribus doesnt reset its booksmarks nor does reset museScore's bookmarks.

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Try whether setting the ui/application/useNativeDialogs advanced preference to 1/☑ fixes this.

Incidentally, native dialogue boxen are default on at least one other platform, and necessary to avoid slow-down when working with .mscx files, so perhaps it’s time to lay the nōn-native boxen to rest, or at least fix the default…

I can't find anything that says Scribus uses QT. mirabilos is on of the contributors and has no doubt looked into the issue and discovered the issue is related to QT, which is a third party library used by MuseScore. It seems their code is the problem. They have fixed other interface problems that their code has introduced.

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Apparently, others (Scribus, incidentally) also have this problem. And yes, it only applies to the “non-native” dialogue box:…

This seems to have been fixed in Qt, though, but perhaps something in how MuseScore creates those non-native dialogue is bad. Scribus insists on using them (the native ones being broken for their use cases).

Also interesting: “I found another bug: QFileDialog::saveState() omits some state […] when the native dialog is in use. So it means when you switch back and forth between using the native dialog and using the widget-based dialog, the bookmarks (and some other stuff) from the widget-based dialog will be lost. Since the QFileDialog always stores the settings in the same place (they are global settings, not application-specific), one Qt app which uses the native dialog will end up destroying settings which were saved by another app which uses the widget dialog.” So using other Qt-based applications will trash that state… or a native dialogue elsewhere (the save one, maybe?).

This appears still only partially solved in Qt itself.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 3390aab3c0

_fix #292912: use native file dialogues by default also on Linux

We already use them by default on the other platforms, and not
using them causes directory bookmark hassles, perhaps due to a
bug in Qt_

Reported version 3.2 3.5

I see that this issue has been closed, but the problem still remains. Changes made to the list of bookmarks in other qt applications (e.g. Scribus and Double Commander) are overwritten and replaced with the four standard locations when I open Musescore, whereas changes made in Double Commander are preserved in Scribus and vice versa.
OS: Arch Linux, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.5.2, revision: 465e7b6

Reported version 3.5 3.2

Then it probably is a different and new issue

You can try to change the setting of Edit > Preferences > Advanced > ui/application/useNativeDialogs, it is known to cause issues with some Linux distros. Is it currently set to on or off for you?

Ir you're still using the old setting and your current version inherited it from the previous, if so either revert to factory settings or see above ;-)

That of course solves the direct problem, but only as a workaround, since the issue is still there: I started a new profile with musescore -c path/to/new/dir, removed one of the default locations and added a new, restarted, and

At some point I got the error message:
qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 800, resource id: 13030571, major code: 40 (TranslateCoords), minor code: 0
I don't know if that is related.

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