Section part names appear and disappear when adjusting other elements in that section.

• Jul 28, 2019 - 23:42

I have a score, where the movements are separated with sections and the "begin each part with a long part name" has been unchecked. None of the parts uses a short name ie short names have been deleted from each stave. If I make any alterations to the positioning of the slurs in the first bar of the second section, for example raising or lowering the end of the slur, then the part name appear. Other alterations to the second part cause the names to disappear, then appear again.

I see a number of issues reported against sections but nothing that quite matches this behaviour. Does this sound like a known problem? I'll try to create an example of this and attach it if no one recognises this problem. Here's an example: section.mscz

Select and double click the slur on bar 9 of the 1st stave of the second section. Raise the right hand handle.


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The announcements are in the Development and Technology Preview forum, but I don't know a way to subscribe to any forum. There is an option in Edit->Preferences to check for MuseScore updates. You should get a notification if there is an update every time you start MuseScore when this is checked.

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Just downloaded 3.2.3, it's definitely not fixed, nor it is fixed in the latest nightly build. Here's some screen shots that show what I'm doing to get this issue:
starting point:
Screenshot from 2019-07-29 08-10-32.png
Use up Arrow key to move the right handle of the selected slur. One touch of up-arrow is sufficient:
Screenshot from 2019-07-29 08-10-59.png
Notice that the part names have appears and also the handles for the selected slur are no longer attached to that slur.

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