Chord symbols don't copy

• Jul 17, 2019 - 22:17

I am trying to create a Lead sheet from a piano arrangement with chord symbols. When I copy and paste just the treble clef, the notes copy over; but, not the chord symbols. I have created lead sheets this way several times successfully and don't know what's different about this arrangement. Any suggestions?

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(oops, somehow I missed this had already been answered)

View / Selection Filter, or shortcut F6.

But your problem here is, those aren't chord symbols at all - looks like you instead added them as "System text", which is not attached to any particular staff and thus doesn't copy. They also won't transpose, won't export correctly, and won't do the things they are supposed to in terms of converting "b" and "#" to flat and sharp, etc.

So you will need to delete all of those and re-enter them as true chord symbols (Ctrl+K).

Actually, there a couple of true chord symbol here already, e.g. the Eb7 in bar 9, and the Ab7 in bar 12.

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