Praise for Musescore

• Jul 12, 2019 - 00:53

For the record, I have heard from other composers that Musescore is a great program (and I agree). Congratulations to all the developers. Long may it prosper.

I have 929 chapters of raw melodies which are taken from the hand signals embedded in the Hebrew Bible. It comes to 1000s of pages. I am encouraging all composers and arrangers to find them and use them to develop dramatic presentations, cantatas, oratorios, operas, songs and so on using this illustrative material that is built right into the text.

I have outlined an example of how I have used the raw material here:…. You don't have to know Hebrew to use these scores, because you can use any translation as an underlay rather than the Hebrew provided. All the music for the entire Hebrew Bible is available through the location noted in the above link.

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